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Effects Of Alcohol And Academic Achievement - 2319 Words

Introduction Overview University students are synonymous with drinking and testing their limits. Maybe it’s some kind of rite of passage or merely peer pressure but when you consider the average age of students these days it hard to gain some kind of perspective. According to the most recently available data, the median age of college students is 21.6 years, while for university students; the median age is 22.8 years (see Appendix A). (Dale, 2012) The question needs to be asked; why young adults of this age find it necessary to binge drink and also what the effects of this is on their academic achievement. According to the research conducted for this report, there is most definitely a connection between Alcohol and Academic achievement and based on the websites studied there are three areas where alcohol affects student’s grades: Firstly, drinking excessively has a negative effect on class attendance and therefore leads to the students falling behind in their studies. Secondly, the amount of time and the quality of time spent on studying is negatively affected by alcohol use. Thirdly, there is a direct inverse relationship between drinking and grades. Studies have shown that the majority of students who are at risk of failing admitted they fell into the heavy drinking category. Please refer to Appendix B for a complete explanation of these three areas. This report will look at the culture of drinking at University, the reasons students give for drinking, health relatedShow MoreRelatedPrenatal Alcohol Exposure And Ability, Academic Achievement, And School Functioning Essay1238 Words   |  5 PagesIn the study titled Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Ability, Academic Achievement, and School Functioning in Adolescence: A Longitudinal Follow- Up, there is a study conducted in order to show the correlation of academic problems to prenatal alcohol exposure, in which some of the children in the study had fetal alcohol syndrome and others did not. The main theory is that â€Å"Prenatal exposure to alcohol is associated with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) as well as other alcohol- related neurodevelopmentalRead MoreSubstance Abuse And Its Effect On Education1348 Words   |  6 PagesSubstance Abuse and its Effect on Education Drug abuse is a serious public health problem that affects almost every community and family in some way. Each year drug abuse causes millions of serious illnesses or injuries among Americans. A study done in John Hopkins University School of Medicine, found that individuals who are unemployed have higher rates of substance abuse than those who are regularly employed. Five hundred and fifty nine participants, who were unemployed, at least eighteen yearsRead MoreThe Link Between Social Interactions Among Peers And School And Academic Outcomes For Over 40 Years Essay1619 Words   |  7 Pagessocial interactions among peers in school and academic outcomes for over 40 years (Coleman, 1961). Children are categorized by the people they associate with. Understanding the way social interactions affect academic achievement is important. Major issue in the literature on peer pressure quality special mention are: cultural patterns penalizing academic achievement and changes in the effect of pe ers over time. Academics argue that peer pressure effects become important during adolescence (SteinbergRead MoreGeneral Organizational Statistics Of Kappa1163 Words   |  5 Pagescolonization. ï‚ § Kappa has a 95 percent retention rate of those who become members. ï‚ § Thirty-seven Kappa chapters had a 100 percent retention rate in 2015–2016. 5. Copy of the inter/national organization’s risk management policy including hazing, alcohol and substance abuse, and health education Our members’ safety is our top priority. Chapters and individual members are held to high standards and are expected to do their part to contribute to a safe campus and Greek-letter community. Position Statement:Read MoreStudent Body At Capital Middle School1075 Words   |  5 Pagesresiding in urban areas are the majorities that are in dire need of immediate Cognitive Behavior interventions within Baton Rouge (E. Stephens, personal communication, August 28, 2015). They are at risk of dropping out of school, experimenting with alcohol and substance abuse, smoking, and institutionalization due to disruptive behaviors and chronic absenteeism. My current internship, Communities In Schools (CIS) located within Capital Middle School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is an agency that implementsRead MoreThe Case Of Marci A 22 Year Old Female College Student1477 Words   |  6 Pagesseveral significant psychological, biological, social, and spiritual issues. The most significant issue being Alcohol Use Disorder of which Marci meets four criteria in the DSM-5. Although Marci drinks four or more alcoholic beverages three to four times a week, and binges on weekends she is in the pre-contemplation stage of change. The case study does not mention the length of her alcohol use, although her parents incorporated drinking wine when she was thirteen. Furthermore, the case study statesRead MoreStudent Athletes For The University Of Ohio912 Words   |  4 Pagesuniversity (Tracy 1). Student athletes start to show poor academic achievement when they consume a lot of time in their sports and often forget about their role of being a student. For instance, when students are not able to complete their school assignments during the day they decide to study late and do not sleep the necessary hours they need in order for their bodies to function and their brains to focus. In this case, the poor achievement in students is notable because they do not per form wellRead MoreSports Enthusiasts Love And Enjoy Watching Their Favorite Team Play1335 Words   |  6 PagesHaving a poor academic achievement, consuming drugs and steroids, and living with stress. First of all, college athletes are not getting paid for playing at universities. Many universities believe that students who receive athletic scholarships do not need any financial support because throughout these scholarships, students-athletes are able to receive the academic support programs they deserve as well as covering paid tuition. This benefit student athletes because they receive academic support, butRead MoreEducation Is A National Movement And Students Reading Level Fluency, And Academic Achievement As A Whole873 Words   |  4 Pagesbetween Character Education Development and students’ reading level fluency, and academic achievement as a whole. Character education programs emphasize consequences for choices, and support good decision making skills and high moral and ethical character. â€Å"Our research suggests that school goals and activities that are associated with good character education programs are also associated with academic achievement.† ( Benninga, Berkowitz, Keuhn, and Smith, 2006) This is not only relevant, and couldRead MoreEssay On Suboptimal Health Status1451 Words   |  6 Pages, 2017). Additionally, in another study including male and female Chinese adults, a correlation was found between lifestyle factors and subhealth (Li, Xie, Yan, Hu, Jin, Wang, Xie, 2013). Physical activity levels, nutritional intake, smoking, alcohol consumption, and quality of sleep were factors used in the calculation of a lifestyle risk score (Li et al., 2013). The score ranged from 0 to 5 with greater scores indicating an unhealthy lifestyle (Li et al., 2013). A higher lifestyle risk score

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